Family Counseling and couples counseling.

Family therapy and couples couseling are forms of treament that will improve the health and function of the family. When the family dynamic is poor the family will be affected emotionally and psychogically and behaviorally. 

The way the family function will influence how the client’s problems are formed and how they are encouraged or enabled by other members of the family.

At Inspirational Marriage counseling we use family therapy and family dynamics and employ techniques and exercises from cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, interpersonal therapy, or other types of individual therapy that will identify behavioral or emotional problems within the family. For example,  a child’s problems does not exist independently; they exist, and will likely need to be addressed, within the context of the family. 

At Inspiration Marriage Counseling we use 4 forms of therapy to help the family overcome obstacles.


  • Bowenian: I use this form of family therapy which is best suited to help individuals who do not want to involve other family members in the treatment. This form of therapy is built on two core concepts: triangulation which is the natural tendency to vent or distress by talking to a third party and differentiation which is learning to become less emotionally reactive in family relationships. 

  • Structural: I use this form of therapy to help the couple focus on adjusting and strengthening their family system to ensure that the parents understand that they are in control and that both children and adults have appropriate boundaries. In this form of therapy, I will join the family in order to observe, learn, and enhance their ability to help the family strengthen their relationships.

  • Systemic: This style of therapy is used to focus on the unconscious communications and meaning behind family members’ behaviors. In this style of therapy the therapist is usually neutral and distant, allowing the family members to dive deeper into their issues and problems as a family.

  • Strategic: In this form of therapy I will be brief and direct than the others, I will assign homework to the family. This homework is intended to change the way family members interact by assessing and adjusting the way the family communicates and makes decisions. 

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